There is magic when women come together. We gain a stronger mindset, feel lighter within, and are elevated to our best selves. When women work together, we achieve much greater success than we would have achieved on our own. 

Founded in 2015 by Autumn Withers, the Hollywood Women's Collective provides women a real community to empower each other to inspire and mentor, to meet personal and professional goals, to expand their network, to learn life enhancing management strategies, and to give back. By taking risks, leading, practicing authenticity, collaborating and building alliances, we achieve great things and are far happier doing so. There is nothing better than accomplishing what you set out to do when others support and believe in you.   

While most of our members work in various aspects of the entertainment industry, the emphasis of the group work we do expands beyond career ambitions to embody the art of living a full life. Personal growth, spirituality, financial strategies, self-care, healthy relationships, accountability, and an attitude of service are equally emphasized alongside purposeful work goals. We host multiple gatherings per year highlighted with guest speakers, goal groups, volunteer opportunities, networking, and an annual fundraising event. 

Giving back is an important value of the Hollywood Women's Collective. We are proud to partner with the Downtown Women's Center of Los Angeles and Safi Life of Rwanda, non-profit organizations that focus on compassionate betterment to benefit and advance women's lives.

To learn more, please visit our contact page to connect with us. 

New members are welcomed on a referral basis once per year.